Controversial DHS Adviser Let Go Amid Allegations of Cover Up

Immigration Overload Families

Free Beacon — A Department of Homeland Security (DHS) adviser long engulfed in controversy over his radical views was let go from his role in the department last week after a long fight by lawmakers and others to revoke the individual’s privileges at DHS. Mohamed Elibiary was until last week a senior member of DHS’ […]

Colorado mistakenly sends valid driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants


Reuters — More than 500 illegal immigrants in Colorado mistakenly received driver’s licenses or photo identification cards intended for U.S. citizens because of a vendor’s printing error, the company and state officials said on Friday. Colorado began issuing licenses to non-citizens in August under a law approved this year by state lawmakers and supported by […]

Britain to offer NATO summit security fences to help France stop migrants

An Eritrean migrant takes cover from the rain under an umbrella during the daily food distribution at the harbour in Calais

LONDON (Reuters) — Britain is offering to donate 20 km (13 miles) of steel fencing from last week’s NATO summit in Wales to help French authorities struggling to control a growing number of illegal immigrants trying to cross the English Channel to Britain. Authorities say the number of illegal immigrants flooding into the port city […]

Father of Man Killed by Illegal Alien Demands Obama Visit Son’s Grave


Washington Times — Calls immigration policies politically motivated as president weighs executive action. The father of a man killed by an illegal immigrant in a car crash has challenged President Obama to visit his son’s grave before declaring any executive action halting deportations. In a letter that Don Rosenberg sent last month to Mr. Obama […]

26% of California Immigrants Are Illegal


Breitbart — More than a quarter of California’s immigrants are illegal, according to a new study from the California Immigrant Policy Center. In “Looking Forward: Immigrant Contributions to the Golden State,” researchers at the University of Southern California’s Center for the Study of Immigrant Integration (CSII) noted that more than one quarter (27%) of California […]

50% of Illegal Aliens Have Been in US at Least 13 Yrs


Breitbart — Half of the country’s illegal immigrant adults have been in the United States for at least 13 years, according to a new Pew Research study. Using “data from the U.S. Census Bureau’s American Community Survey and Current Population Survey,” Pew estimated that there were 11.3 million illegal immigrants “living in the U.S. in […]

$760 Million: Cost of New Illegal Kids in Schools


Fox News — A new report puts the price of educating the thousands of illegal immigrant children who recently crossed into the U.S. at a whopping $761 million this school year — as some school systems push for the feds to pick up the tab. The estimate comes from the Federation for American Immigration Reform […]

Texas employer sued by the DOJ


Commentary by Jim Gilchrist — I’ve been “telling you so” for over a decade. Our nation’s rules of law insofar as immigration issues are non-existent. The Democratic Party is hell bent on luring as many immigrants, legal and illegal, into the USA in the hope that they will become Democratic Party members and vote accordingly…which […]